Taeanhaean National Park

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태안해안국립공원, 泰安海岸國立公園
Taean Seaside National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Area 326 sq mi (840 km2)
Established 20 October 1978
Governing body Korea National Park Service

Taean Seaside National Park (Korean: 태안해안국립공원, 泰安海岸國立公園) was designated as the 13th National Park in South Korea in 1978. The total area is about 326 sq mi (840 km2) with 289.315 sq mi (749.32 km2) being marine area. Taean Haean National Park contains various coastal ecosystems and 26 beaches along the 230 km coastline. Regarding the natural resources, 1,195 animal species, 774 plant species, and 671 marine species are distributed in this national park.


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Coordinates: 36°47′14″N 126°08′37″E / 36.78722°N 126.14361°E / 36.78722; 126.14361