Taedongmoon Cinema

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Taedongmoon Cinema
Taedongmun Cinema in Pyongyang with trolley buses passing.jpg
Exterior of Taedongmoon Cinema
Taedongmoon Cinema is located in Pyongyang
Taedongmoon Cinema
Taedongmoon Cinema
Location within Pyongyang
LocationSungri Street, Chung-guyok, Pyongyang, North Korea
Coordinates39°01′29″N 125°45′22″E / 39.024643°N 125.756142°E / 39.024643; 125.756142
TypeMovie theater
Taedongmoon Cinema
Revised RomanizationDaedongmun Yeonghwagwan
McCune–ReischauerTaetongmun yŏnghwagwan

Taedongmoon Cinema (Hangul대동문영화관; RRTaedongmun-Yeonghwagwan) is a movie theater located in Sungri Street,[1] Chung-guyok, Pyongyang, North Korea.[2] The cinema is located near the Taedong River.[1]

Taedongmoon Cinema was built in 1955. It's architectural style is that of retro; faux ancient Greek columns line its facade. Originally it had only a single screen, but since renovations to the interior in 2008 there have been two.[1]

It is considered the most important cinema of Pyongyang and serves as the flagship cinema for domestic film screenings.[1] Occasionally, when foreign films are screened, the screening is for an invited audience only with no access by the general public. It is also used for screenings of the Pyongyang International Film Festival.[3]

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