Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory

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Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory
Organization Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Location Daejeon, South Korea
Coordinates 36°23′51.31″N 127°22′30.75″E / 36.3975861°N 127.3752083°E / 36.3975861; 127.3752083
Altitude 110 m (360 ft)
Website http://web.trao.re.kr/
Unnamed 13.7 m radio telescope

The Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory, or TRAO is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute. It is located in the science town of Taeduk, part of Daejeon, South Korea.


Founded in 1986, it is with a run through a cooperative agreement with the Ministry of Science and Technology of South Korea.


  • 14 meter radio telescope

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