Taekwondo at the 2000 Summer Olympics – Women's 57 kg

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Women's 57 kg
at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad
Venue State Sports Centre
Date 28 September
Competitors 12 from 12 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Jung Jae-eun  South Korea
2nd, silver medalist(s) Tran Hieu Ngan  Vietnam
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Hamide Bıkçın Tosun  Turkey
2004 →

The women's 57 kg competition in taekwondo at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney took place on September 27 at the State Sports Centre.

South Korean fighter Jung Jae-eun yielded a 2–0 lead over her Vietnamese opponent Tran Hieu Ngan to capture her nation's first ever Olympic gold medal in the sport. Additionally, Tran set a historic milestone to become Vietnam's first ever Olympic medalist, as she had to satisfy with the silver.[1][2] Meanwhile, 1995 World champion Hamide Bıkçın Tosun of Turkey, who lost to Jung in the semifinal upon the animosity of her partisan squad, confidently mounted her strength to beat Netherlands' Virginia Lourens 7–5 for the bronze.[2]

Competition format[edit]

The main bracket consisted of a single elimination tournament, culminating in the gold medal match. The taekwondo fighters eliminated in earlier rounds by the two finalists of the main bracket advanced directly to the repechage tournament. These matches determined the bronze medal winner for the event.[3]


All times are Greece Standard Time (UTC+2)

Date Time Round
Thursday, 29 September 2000 09:00
Preliminary Round


Athlete Nation
Hamide Bıkçın Tosun  Turkey
Hsu Chih-ling  Chinese Taipei
Cynthia Cameron  Australia
Cristiana Corsi  Italy
Carmen SIlva  Brazil
Jung Jae-eun  South Korea
Virginia Lourens  Netherlands
Areti Athanasopoulou  Greece
Shimaa Afifi  Egypt
Tran Hieu Ngan  Vietnam
Cheryl Ann Sankar  Trinidad and Tobago
Jasmin Strachan  Philippines


  • PTG — Won by points gap
  • SUP — Won by superiority
  • OT — Won on over time (Golden Point)
  • WO — Walkover

Main bracket[edit]

Preliminary round Quarterfinals Semifinals Gold medal match
         Hamide Bıkçın Tosun (TUR) 6  
 Hsu Chih-ling (TPE) 6      Hsu Chih-ling (TPE) 3  
 Cynthia Cameron (AUS) 0        Hamide Bıkçın Tosun (TUR) 2  
 Cristiana Corsi (ITA) 5        Jung Jae-eun (KOR) 3  
 Carmen Silva (BRA) 2      Cristiana Corsi (ITA) 1  
         Jung Jae-eun (KOR) 8  
           Jung Jae-eun (KOR) 2
           Tran Hieu Ngan (VIE) 0
         Virginia Lourens (NED) 8  
 Areti Athanasopoulou (GRE) 7+      Areti Athanasopoulou (GRE) 6  
 Shimaa Afifi (EGY) 7        Virginia Lourens (NED) 6  
 Tran Hieu Ngan (VIE) 2        Tran Hieu Ngan (VIE) 9  
 Cheryl Ann Sankar (TRI) 0      Tran Hieu Ngan (VIE) 8      
         Jasmin Strachan (PHI) 3      


Quarterfinals Semifinals Bronze medal match
 Jasmin Strachan (PHI) 5+  
 Cheryl Ann Sankar (TRI) 5      Hamide Bıkçın Tosun (TUR) 9  
         Jasmin Strachan (PHI) 3  
           Hamide Bıkçın Tosun (TUR) 7
           Virginia Lourens (NED) 5
         Virginia Lourens (NED) 6
         Cristiana Corsi (ITA) 5    


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