Taekwondo at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics – Boys' +73 kg

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The boys' over 73 kg competition in taekwondo at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore took place on August 19. A total of 8 men competed in this event, limited to fighters whose body weight was greater than 73 kilograms. Quarterfinals started at 14:16, semifinals at 19:02 and the final at 20:09. Two bronze medals were awarded at the Taekwondo competitions.


Gold Liu Chang
Silver Ibrahim Ahmadsei
Bronze Stefan Bozalo
Yazan Alsadeq


  • PTG — Won by Points Gap
  • SUP — Won by Superiority
  • OT — Won on over time (Golden Point)

Main bracket[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Jose Ramos (MEX) 5
 Yazan Alsadeq (JOR) 6 PTF
 Yazan Alsadeq (JOR) 1
 Liu Chang (CHN) 2 PTF
 Liu Chang (CHN) 7 PTF
 Macho Hungan (INA) 2
 Liu Chang (CHN) 5 PTF
 Ibrahim Ahmadsei (GER) 4
 Christian Ocampo (PER) 0
 Stefan Bozalo (CAN) 8 PTF
 Stefan Bozalo (CAN) 3
 Ibrahim Ahmadsei (GER) 4 PTF
 Aliaksandr Shmakau (BLR) 5
 Ibrahim Ahmadsei (GER) 6 PTF