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Taekwondo was introduced to the Philippines through the efforts of Kim Bok Man and Young Man Park. Grand Master Bok Man Kim arrived in 1970 to continue Park's legacy of propagating Taekwondo upon the invitation of President Marcos. Bok Man Kim continued to pioneer Taekwondo worldwide and left the Philippines in 1971. In 1975, Sung-Chon Hong came to the Philippines to continue to introduce Taekwondo again. The Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) has been established by Grand Master Sung-Chon Hong. The current Central Headquarters of the PTA is at the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. The PTA is a member of the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation, Philippine Sports Commission, Philippine Olympic Committee and Asian Taekwondo Union. Sung-Chon Hong has devoted decades to mentoring, developing and promoting Taekwondo nationwide and worldwide, and is popularly considered the Father of Taekwondo in the Philippines.



In the Philippines, different names are used for the following kicks.

  • Forty-five – a Roundhouse Kick to the torso
  • Turning-side – Pivoting on the front leg or ball of the foot and executing a Back kick
  • Full-moon – Hook Kick
  • In-out – Crescent Kick – Raising the leg diagonally across your body moving outwards
  • Out-in – Crescent Kick – Coming from the outside landing on the inside.
  • Stepping-side – Take a step and execute a Side kick
  • Bullet – A rapid succession of alternate Forty-five kicks
  • Turning-long – Tornado kick, Dragon's whip kick, Spin Hook Kick
  • Jumping turning forty-five – Forward jump twist then executing a forty-five in midair
  • Jumping out-in
  • Jumping Axe Kick
  • Jumping turning out-in
  • Jumping turning-long – Jump Spin Hook Kick
  • Asian Turning Long – Forward jump twist at the same time or slightly after, from the rear, executing a forty-five in midair or fake/feigning forty-five then turning long or spin kick

Color of belts[edit]

  • Judo black belt.svg Black Belt (1st to 9th dan Blackbelt)
  • Judo brown belt.svg Brown Belt (2nd Grade and 1st Grade Brown) - Taeguk 7 and 8
  • Judo red belt.svg Red Belt (4th Grade and 3rd Grade Red) - Taeguk 5 and 6
  • Judo blue belt.svg Blue Belt (6th Grade and 5th Grade Blue) - Taeguk 3 and 4
  • Judo yellow belt.svg Yellow Belt (8th Grade and 7th Grade Yellow) - Taeguk 1 and 2
  • Judo white belt.svg White Belt - Foundation form No. 1 And 2

Notable Taekwondo Martial Artists[edit]


  • Arch. Elmer Pato -Chairman at Eljan Ventures Inc.(First professional manufacturer of Taekwondo Apparel in the Philippines). Bronze Medalist in 1976 Asian Championships-Melbourne, Australia.
  • Monsour del Rosario
  • Col. Jeff Tamayo - Silver medalist in 1982, coach to Bea Lucero and Ali Atienza and military colonel.
  • Jaime "Jimmy" Martin - Member of the First Philippine National Taekwondo Team. Bronze Medalist (2nd - World Taekwondo Championships), 2 Time Bronze Medalist (1st & 2nd - 1974 & 1976 Asian Taekwondo Championships). Member of the Taekwondo Blackbelt Brotherhood (TBB).
  • Roland Campos - International referee.
  • Paul Cabatingan - First Batch member and organizer of Taekwondo Blackbelt Brotherhood (TBB)


  • Robert 'Bobby ' Vargas - First Filipino to garner the silver medal at the ASIAN GAMES in Hiroshima.
  • Ricardo Santiago Jr - International Referee and current PTA Referee Chairman
  • Roberto "Kitoy" Cruz[1][2] - 3 Time Silver Medalist (12th, 13th & 14th - 1995, 1997 & 1999 World Taekwondo Championships), Bronze Medalist (15th, 2001 World Taekwondo Championships), Bronze Medalist - 1998 & 2001 World Cup Taekwondo Championships, Gold Medalist - 1999 2nd Asian Olympic Qualifying Tournament, 2 Time Silver Medalist (11th, 12th - 1994, 1996 Asian Taekwondo Championships), 6 Time Gold Medalist - South East Asian Games
  • Tshomlee Go
  • Manel Sy - 5 times SEA Games Gold Medalist, Bronze Medallist Bangkok ASIAN GAMES and coach of the head hunters merville . www.manelsytkd.com
  • Stephen Fernandez - Bronze Medalist of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and current Deputy Secretary General of the Philippine Taekwondo Association
  • Beatriz Lucero – Also representative to the Olympics in Gymnastics.
  • Eva Marie M. Ditan - World Cup Silver and Bronze medalist.
  • John Paul "Japoy" Lizardo Actor and Philippine representative.
  • Arnold Baradi - The first Filipino Gold medal winner in the Asian Taekwondo Games.
  • Ali Atienza – The second Filipino to win a gold medal in the Asian Taekwondo Games and son of former mayor Lito Atienza.
  • Mary Antoinette Rivero
  • Donald Geisler- Actor and Philippine representative.
  • Grace Poe Llamanzares - Senator.
  • Allan Gomez - Former Chief Instructor of Taekwondo Academy of the Philippines. Philippine representative. Member of Taekwondo Blackbelt Family (TBF).
  • Benigno Aquino III - President.
  • Jamby Madrigal - Former Senator.
  • Igor Mella – Philippine taekwondo national team coach.
  • Kirstie Elaine Alora. Taekwondo Olympics Representatitive.

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