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Hangul 태평로
Hanja 太平路
Revised Romanization Taepyeongno
McCune–Reischauer T'aep'yŏngno

Taepyeongno is a major thoroughfare in the central districts of Seoul, South Korea and the second longest road next to Sejongno in the Gangbuk area. With a 1.1 km length and a 50 m width, Taepyeongno originates at 139 Sejongno in Jongno-gu and terminates at Namdaemun in Jung-gu. It runs southwards through Sogong-dong, Jeong-dong, Taepyeongno 1, 2 ga-dong, Bukchang-dong and Mugyo-dong.[1] Numerous landmarks along here include Koreana Hotel.


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