Tag: The Assassination Game

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TAG: The Assassination Game
Tag The Assassination Game.jpg
Directed byNick Castle
Produced byDan Rosenthal
Peter Rosten
Written byNick Castle
StarringRobert Carradine
Linda Hamilton
Kristine DeBell
Perry Lang
John Mengatti
Michael Winslow
Frazer Smith
Xander Berkeley
Bruce Abbott
Music byCraig Safan
CinematographyWilly Kurant
Edited byTom Walls
Distributed byGinis Films
Release date
  • April 23, 1982 (1982-04-23)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States

TAG: The Assassination Game, also known as Everybody Gets it in the End,[1] is a 1982 film directed by Nick Castle and starring Robert Carradine and Linda Hamilton in her first feature film starring role.[2] It is based on the game Assassin.


At an American college, a group of students play a game with suction cup dart toy guns similar to The 10th Victim where a pair of students are assigned to "kill" the other one first by shooting him with a dart. One student, Loren Gersh (Bruce Abbott) lives purely to play the game with his expertise in "killing" all of his opponents and not being "killed" himself making him a renowned master.

When one of his cringing victims accidentally drops his dart gun, it goes off and hits Gersh, "killing" him. Faced with the embarrassment of losing his reputation by a geek getting lucky, Gersh really kills his opponent, setting him on the goal to use actual weapons and real killing from then on. His opponents in the game are unaware of Gersh's new rules.

Gersh slowly transforms from an average student to a James Bond-type killer.

Production notes[edit]

One of Gersh's planned victims is Susan Swayze, played by Linda Hamilton. The two performers met on the set of the film and subsequently married.[3]


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