Taganrog Old Cemetery

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Taganrog Old Cemetery
Taganrog Old Cemetery Chapel-Burial-Vault of Litsin Family.jpg
Chapel burial vault of Litsin family at the Taganrog Old Cemetery
Established 1809
Location Taganrog
Country Russia
Coordinates 47°12′25″N 38°54′07″E / 47.207°N 38.902°E / 47.207; 38.902
Size 20 hectare
Number of interments around 150,000
Website http://cemetery.su/

Taganrog Old Cemetery is a historic Christian cemetery on the outskirts of Taganrog's historical downtown district, and closed to new interments since 1971.


The cemetery was officially established in 1809. In 1810 the The All-Saints Church in Taganrog on the cemetery's land was founded, which was consecrated and completed in 1824.

After 1920 and "abolition of religion", the cemetery was used for all interments. After Great Patriotic War, several monuments and traditional eternal flame were established on the territory of the cemetery.

On May 25, 1971 it was closed for new interments.

In 1980's some of the old monuments were saved from destruction and desecration by being transferred into the inner yard of the Taganrog Museum of Art

Current state[edit]

Despite the inclusion of the historic cemetery into the register of architectural monuments, it has been severely damaged, looted and littered.[1][2][3]

Prominent people buried in Taganrog Old Cemetery[edit]

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