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Tagesthemen (stylized as tagesthemen) is one of Germany's main daily television news magazines, presented by journalists Caren Miosga and Thomas Roth. Second only to the 20:00 Tagesschau ("Review of the Day") Tagesthemen ("Issues Of The Day") is ARD's most important newscast. It is clearly different in style and content from Tagesschau and is broadcast Mondays to Thursdays at 22:15, Fridays at 23:15, Saturdays at varying times and Sundays at 22:45. Each Tagesthemen broadcast has a single host. Previously recorded Tagesthemen newscasts can also be seen internationally via YouTube on Tagesschau's YouTube Channel. For a time, Anne Will and Ulrich Wickert took turns hosting the program. On September 1, 2006, Tom Buhrow replaced Wickert and on July 16, 2007, Caren Miosga replaced Anne Will. On August 5, 2013, Thomas Roth replaced Tom Buhrow. On October 24, 2016, Ingo Zamperoni replaced Thomas Roth.

In January 1978, Tagesthemen replaced the late edition of Tagesschau, which had been broadcast until then. The broadcast lasts a half hour on weekdays; it is shorter on Fridays (15 minutes) Saturdays (20 minutes) and Sundays (15 minutes).

In contrast to Tagesschau, which provides only an overview of the news, Tagesthemen is designed to also provide the viewer with more information, context and background. The program usually features four to five segments on the stories and themes of the day.

Previously, the program used a variation of the Hammond Fantasy/Tagesschau theme, with the first and last notes in the same keys. From the mid 1990s to 2015 Tagesthemen used the same music as Tagesschau. Currently Tagesthemen uses a different variation of the Hammond Fantasy similar to the previous Tagesthemen theme but in all different keys.

Tagesschau editorial staff provide a daily news summary to the program. A weather report has not been part of the news summary since 2002, but instead is presented on Tagesthemen in cooperation with Meteomedia AG, a privately owned company.

Tagesthemen's market share sank with the opening of media competition in Germany; nevertheless, it still lies today at about 12%—this amounts to about 2.5 million viewers per broadcast. Tagesthemen is one of the most influential opinion builders in Germany.


Since October 1, 1985, Tagesthemen, like Tagesschau, has been presented by various hosts. Since the start, the hosts alternate weekly.

The hosts write their scripts themselves. Also, these are not read exclusively from paper, which gives the presentation a much looser style than Tagesschau. Since the Tagesthemen hosts are not restricted to simply reading the daily dispatches, they can develop a lively, personal style compared to their colleagues at Tagesschau, although they are still required to be neutral and objective.

Ulrich Wickert was replaced on September 1, 2006, by Washington D.C. bureau chief Tom Buhrow. Since August 2013 Thomas Roth is bureau chief.


On August 12, 2014 Tagesthemen host Caren Miosga honored the deceased Hollywood actor Robin Williams by standing on the host's desk. With this gesture she alluded to Williams' movie Dead Poets Society, one of Williams' most well-known movies in whose final scene pupils stand atop of their desks to show respect toward their teacher played by the deceased actor.


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