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Tag, TAG or tagging could refer to:



  • Tag (metadata), an index term assigned to a piece of information; a type of meta-information that captures knowledge about an information resource
  • TAG (BBS), a bulletin board software program
  • Tag (Facebook), a link to another Facebook page
  • Tag (programming), a method for passing parameters to subroutines
  • Tags (Unicode block), deprecated characters for invisibly tagging texts by language
  • Tag, a markup element in several markup languages, including HTML, XML, SGML and XHTML
    • HTML tag, a component of the HTML markup language
  • Revision tag, a label for a specific revision of a project
  • Audio tag, see Metadata § Digital music
  • Tag files, indexes to identifiers in source code generated by ctags
  • Tag system, a deterministic computational model
  • Tag URI, a unique identifier protocol used in internet technologies

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