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TagPay is a digital banking platform created by the French company TagPay.[1] This software is used by banks, telecom operators, and other players to offer digital financial services to their clients.

TagPay uses sound-based near sound data transfer (NSDT) technology to secure electronic transactions. TagPay's target markets are in emerging economies where populations are un-banked and secure payment systems are needed.[2]


TagPay can be used by any smart or feature phone and supports a wide range of mobile money services such as: M-wallet (account management), retail payments, micro finance, health, salary disbursement, airtime top up, loyalty, remittances, and ATM withdrawal.

Today (written 2012)[needs update], about 20 digital financial service providers such as the Trust Merchant Bank, Société Générale and Cofina use the TagPay platform to offer their customers financial services via cell phone.[3]