Taguig local elections, 2010

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Taguig mayoral elections, 2010
← 2007 May 10, 2010 2013 →
Nominee Lani Cayetano Dante Tiñga
Party Nacionalista Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig
Running mate Ferdie Santos George A. Elias
Popular vote 95,865 93,445
Percentage 50.53 49.25

Mayor before election

Sigfrido Tiñga
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig

Elected Mayor

Ma. Laarni Cayetano

Local elections was held in the Taguig City on May 10, 2010 within the Philippine general election. The voters will elect for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, two District representatives, and councilors, eight in each of the city's two legislative districts.

Mayoral and vice mayoral election[edit]

Incumbents Sigfrido Tiñga and George A. Elias are now on their third term as mayor and second term as vice mayor, respectively. Ineligible for reelection, Tinga ran for Congressman at Taguig’s Second District instead.

Former Associate Justice Dante Tinga is running for Mayor as the nominee of both the Liberal Party and its Taguig affiliate, the local party Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig. Prior to the election, he was the Representative from Taguig-Pateros from 1987 to 1998 and Supreme Court Associate Justice. His running mate is incumbent Vice Mayor George Elias, who is currently in his second consecutive term.

Taguig-Pateros Congresswoman Laarni Cayetano is on her first term as representative. Although eligible to run for a second term, she decided to run for mayor under Nacionalista Party instead.

Energy secretary Angelo Reyes reportedly backed out of race for Taguig City Mayor to become a 1-UTAK party-list nominee.


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

Mayoral election[edit]

Incumbent congresswoman Lani Cayetano defeated retired Associate Justice Dante Tinga but Justice Tinga file election protest vs Cayetano and accused "Lani" Massive vote-buying and pre-programmed CF cards altered results in Taguig.[1]

Taguig Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Lani Cayetano 95,865 50.53
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Dante Tinga 93,445 49.25
Democratic Party Arthur Clavo 214 0.11
Independent John Q. Rarang 205 0.11
Total votes 185,759 100.00
Nacionalista gain from Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig

Vice mayoral election[edit]

Taguig Vice Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig George A. Elias 110,137 62.91
Nacionalista Ferdinand Santos 51,564 29.45
PMP Jeffrey Lontoc 12,366 7.06
Independent Cirila A. Lumontod 996 0.57
Total votes 171,360 100.00
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig hold

Congressional elections[edit]

1st District[edit]

Former councilor Arnel Cerafica is also nominated by local party Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig.

Philippine House of Representatives election at Taguig and Pateros in Taguig
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Arnel Cerafica 51,132 61.18
Nacionalista Rene Carl Cayetano 31,924 38.20
Independent Luis Cruz, Jr. 312 0.37
Independent Joselito Gabriel 208 0.25
Total votes 88,635 100.00

Note: Result exclude Pateros; for the result including Pateros, see Philippine House of Representatives elections at Taguig-Pateros.

2nd District[edit]

Henry Duenas, Jr. is the incumbent but decided not to run in this election to support the outgoing mayor Sigfrido Tiñga is also nominated by local party Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig.

On February 28, 2010, Angelito Reyes, son of Secretary of Energy Angelo Reyes, is declared the winner of the 2007 election by the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET), with the HRET ruling that Reyes defeated Henry Duenas, Jr. by a margin of 57 votes; the Board of Canvassers originally declared Duenas the winner with 28,564 votes over Reyes' 27,107 for a margin of 1,457.[2]

Philippine House of Representatives election at Taguig's 2nd district
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Sigfrido Tiñga 61,483 60.62
Lingkod Taguig Angelito Reyes 16,990 16.75
Nacionalista Arvin Ian Alit 16,184 15.96
Independent James Layug 6,637 6.54
Independent Robinson "Robin" Lumontod Jr. 135 0.13
Valid ballots 101,429 94.91
Invalid or blank votes 5,438 5.09
Total votes 106,867 100.00
Liberal gain from Lingkod Taguig

City Council elections[edit]

Each of Taguig's two legislative districts elects eight councilors to the City Council. The eight candidates with the highest amount of votes wins the seats per district.

Party Mayoral/vice
mayoral candidate
Total votes Total seats
Total % Total %
Liberal/Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Dante Tiñga 597,937 46.5% 13 72.2%
Nacionalista Lani Cayetano 372,651 29.0% 0 0.0%
NPC/Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig none 133,480 10.4% 3 16.7%
Lingkod Taguig none 55,749 4.3% 0 0.0%
PMP none 30,410 2.4% 0 0.0%
PRP none 20,494 1.6% 0 0.0%
Bangon Pilipinas none 14,229 1.1% 0 0.0%
Independents Varies 62,266 4.8% 0 0.0%
Total valid votes cast 1,287,216 N/A
Total turnout 195,502 100.00%
Total partisan seats 16 88.9%
Seat for Association of Barangay Captains President 1 5.6%
Seat for Association of Sangguniang Kabataan chairmen President 1 5.6%
Total non-partisan seats 2 11.1%
Total seats 18 100.0%

1st District[edit]

Incumbent Councilor Allan Paul Cruz and Delio Santos are in their third consecutive terms and is ineligible for reelection; Santos resigned as City Councilor and become Barangay Captain of Brgy.Bagumbayan.

Taguig City Council election at Taguig's 1st district
Party Candidate Votes %
NPC Ronnette “Ronet” Franco 44,325 7.56
Liberal Gamaliel “Gamie” San Pedro 43,381 7.39
Liberal Roderick Carlos “Carlo” Papa 43,342 7.39
NPC Baltazar “Bal” Mariategue 41,931 7.15
Liberal Jaime “Jimmy” Labampa 41,645 7.10
Liberal Baby Gloria “Gigi” De Mesa 40,414 6.89
Liberal Rodil “Tikboy” Marcelino 39,164 6.68
Liberal Carlito “Carlito Oga” Ogalinola 36,836 6.28
Nacionalista Ricardo “Ading” Cruz 35,362 6.03
Nacionalista Emmanuel “Boybits” Victoria Jr. 33,573 5.72
Nacionalista Darwin “Win” Icay 33,277 5.67
Nacionalista Eduardo “Eddie” Cruz 30,717 5.24
Nacionalista Aurelio “Auring” Padilla 27,918 4.76
Nacionalista Jinky Sarmiento 26,446 4.51
Nacionalista Henry “Vegatin” Vega 25,138 4.29
Nacionalista Generoso “Gener” Ignacio 20,754 3.54
Independent Robel “Roy” Delapaz 9,576 1.63
PMP Alberto “Abet” Villanueva 5,455 0.93
PMP Gerry “Magdalo” Placeros 4,922 0.84
Independent Joepeter “Jhe” Hidalgo 2,464 0.42
Total votes 106,867 100


2nd District[edit]

Incumbent Councilors Marisse Balina-Eron and Arvin Ian Alit are in their third consecutive term and is ineligible for reelection; so Balina's Husband Jojo will run while Alit will run for Congressman. Incumbent councilor Rica Tinga is eligible to run for a second term but she decided not to run in this election.

Taguig City Council election at Taguig's 2nd district
Party Candidate Votes %
KDT (Liberal) Edwin "Jojo" Eron 39,159
KDT (Liberal) Milagros "Myla" Valencia 54,459
KDT (Liberal) Jeffrey "Jeff" Morales 46,139
KDT (Liberal) Ricardo "Ric" Jordan 52,041
KDT (Liberal) Aurelio Paulo "AP" Bartolome 57,552
KDT (Liberal) Michelle Ann "Cheche" Gonzales 50,816
KDT (Liberal) Estela "Tita Estel" Gasgonia 52,989
KDT (NPC) Erwin "Win" Manalili 47,224
TaPat (Nacionalista) Hareem "Harry" Pautin 23,919
TaPat (Nacionalista) Wilfredo "Toto" Dubria 18,299
TaPat (Nacionalista) Janine "Jaja" Bustos 26,928
TaPat (Nacionalista) Queen Dolly Carreon 23,617
TaPat (Nacionalista) Noel "DBoy" Dizon 27,691
TaPat (Nacionalista) Guido Malco 13,468
TaPat (BP) Vilma "Ate Vi" Antigo 14,229
TaPat (Independent) Eugenio Sonny "Eugene" Calapit 13,765
Nacionalista Ruth Fronda 5,544
Lingkod Taguig (PMP) Leo Aguilar 15,273
Lingkod Taguig (PRP) Margaret Jean "Margie" Defensor-Manalaysay 20,494
Lingkod Taguig Marc Reyes 22,944
Lingkod Taguig Lhorelyn "Lenlen" Fortuno 15,256
Lingkod Taguig Maricar "Mara" Delfin-Villa 11,667
Lingkod Taguig Celerino "Cely" Morada 5,882
Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino Ahiyal I. Sappayani 4,760
Independent Reynaldo Acas 3,409
Independent Hernando Mendoza 4,609
Independent Taharudin M. Mokalid 3,510
Independent Princess Jacel Ramos 10,146
Independent Eric Walter Salonga 14,787
  • Leo Aguilar and Marge Defensor are candidates of Lingkod Taguig
  • Vilma Antigo and Eugene Calapit are candidate of TaPat Party
  • Erwin Manalili is a candidate of Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig
  • The results is Partial Unofficial Tally as of 2010-05-12 3:49 - 88.69% of ERs except for the 8 winning councilors.

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