Taguig local elections, 2013

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Taguig mayoral election, 2013
← 2010 May 13, 2013 (2013-05-13) 2016 →
Nominee Ma. Laarni L. Cayetano Ma. Rebecca R. Tiñga
Party Nacionalista Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig
Running mate Ricardo Cruz, Jr. Carlo Papa
Popular vote 60,922 37,090
Percentage 60.86 37.05

Mayor before election

Ma. Laarni L. Cayetano

Elected Mayor

Ma. Laarni L. Cayetano

Local elections was held in the Taguig City on May 13, 2013 within the Philippine general election. The vote was for the elective local posts in the city: the mayor, vice mayor, two District representatives, and councilors, eight in each of the city's two legislative districts.

Mayoral and vice mayoral election[edit]

Incumbent Lani Cayetano is now on her first term as the mayor of Taguig City. As prescribed by the Local Government Code, she is still eligible to run for the same office. On the other hand, another incumbent George Elias is now on his last term as the vice mayor of the city. Ineligible for reelection, Elias will no longer run for any position.

The incumbent mayor Lani Cayetano is running again for mayoralty office under the Nacionalista Party (NP) with his running mate Ricardo Cruz, Jr. Cayetano, a former congresswoman of the legislative district of Pateros-Taguig, was said to be the first youngest female official to hold office while Cruz is the Barangay Chairman of Lower Bicutan.[1]

Former Councilor Rica Tiñga, the youngest child of retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Dante Tiñga is running for Mayor as the nominee of the local party Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig. Her running mate is Councilor Carlo Papa, son of former mayor Ricky Papa.[2]

Other hand, the Liberal Party decided to haven't a representative running for Mayor in Taguig as the alliance agreement of the Team PNoy between the Liberal Party and the Nacionalista Party.[3]

It will be recalled that Dante Tinga filed an election protest after losing against Mayor Ricardo Papa last 1998 election but it was dismissed by Pasig City Regional Trial Court Branch 167 Judge Alfredo Flores.[4]


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes wins the seat; they are voted separately, therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

Mayoral election[edit]

Parties are as stated in their certificate of candidacies. Lani Cayetano is the incumbent.

Taguig Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Lani Cayetano 60,922 60.86
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Rica R. Tiñga 37,090 37.05
Margin of victory 23,832 23.81%
Invalid or blank votes 2,084 2.08
Total votes 100,096 100.00
Nacionalista hold

Vice-mayoral election[edit]

Parties are as stated in their certificate of candidacies. Incumbent George A. Elias is in his third consecutive term and is ineligible to run

Taguig Vice Mayoral Election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Ricardo Cruz Jr. 51,854 51.80
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Carlo Papa 40,855 40.82
Margin of victory 10,999 10.99%
Invalid or blank votes 7,387 7.38
Total votes 100,096 100.00
Nacionalista gain from Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig

Congressional elections[edit]

1st District[edit]

Arnel Cerafica is the incumbent. He will be facing off against Councilor Gigi Valenzuela de Mesa. Cerafica is also nominated by local party Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig.

Philippine House of Representative election at Taguig's 1st District
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Arnel Cerafica 37,556 63.81
Nacionalista Gigi Valenzuela de Mesa 17,686 30.05
Margin of victory 19,870 33.76%
Invalid or blank votes 3,614 6.14
Total votes 58,856 100.00
Liberal hold

Note: Result include Pateros.

2nd District[edit]

Sigfrido Tiñga is the incumbent but decided not to run in any position due to his personal reason.[5] Former Councilor Henry Duenas, Jr. will take his place to be a congressman. He will facing off against TV/Movie Director and Barangay Chairman of Fort Bonifacio Lino Edgardo S. Cayetano.

Philippine House of Representative election at Taguig's 2nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Lino Edgardo S. Cayetano 33,177 53.22
NPC Henry Duenas, Jr. 26,238 42.02
Margin of victory 6,939 11.13%
Invalid or blank votes 2,930 4.70
Total votes 62,345 100.00
Nacionalista gain from Liberal

City Council election[edit]

The top eight candidates each district will win seats in the city council.

First district[edit]

Incumbent Councilor Baltazar Mariategue is in his third consecutive term and is ineligible for reelection; so Mariategue's Son Billy Ray. Incumbent Councilors Carlo Papa and Gigi Valenzuela De Mesa are eligible to run for another term. Papa decided to run for Vice Mayor while De Mesa run for Congressman.

City council election at Taguig's 1st district
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Darwin Icay 20,813 8.23
Nacionalista Jaime Labampa 19,651 7.77
Nacionalista Gamaliel San Pedro 19,097 7.55
Nacionalista Rommel Tanyag 18,960 7.50
Nacionalista Carlito Ogalinola 18,828 7.45
Nacionalista Rodil Marcelino 18,671 7.38
Nacionalista Ferdinand Santos 17,170 6.79
Nacionalista Delio Santos 16,840 6.66
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Allan Paul Cruz 15,799 6.25
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Ervic Vijandre[6] 14,773 5.84
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Ronnette Franco 14,033 5.55
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Bill Ray Mariategue 12,988 5.14
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Jeffrey Lontoc 12,055 4.77
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Jesus Jessie Concepcion 11,736 4.64
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Elesus Dumagat 9,983 3.95
Akbayan Mark Anthony Cruz 3,403 1.35
Independent Jason Papa 2,548 1.01
Independent Amy Baquiran 1,854 0.73
UNA Robel Roy Dela Paz 1,464 0.58
CDP Kiko Gasgonia 1,360 0.54
Independent Abukalil Pagelet 833 0.33

Second district[edit]

Incumbent Councilors Ricardo Jordan and Aurelio Paulo Bartolome are in their third consecutive term and is ineligible for reelection; so Jordan's Son Richard Paul will run while Bartolome will not run in any position.

City council election at Taguig's 2nd district
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Arvin Ian Alit 36,672 8.73
Nacionalista Erwin Manalili 31,214 7.43
Nacionalista Jojo Eron 30,581 7.28
Nacionalista Pammy Zamora 30,449 7.25
Nacionalista Noel Dizon 29,371 6.99
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Che Che Gonzales 29,027 6.91
Nacionalista Ric Paul Jordan 28,888 6.87
Nacionalista Mher Supan 27,531 6.55
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Jeffrey Morales 23,691 5.64
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Estrella Gasgonia 23,351 5.56
Independent Marco Evangelista 22,160 5.27
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Milagros Valencia 21,536 5.12
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Jona Fuentes 19,745 4.70
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Erhard Fontanilla 19,655 4.68
Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig Marilyn Padlan 18,434 4.39
NPC Ricardo Gomez, Jr. 15,375 3.66
UNA Arthur Clavo 3,209 0.76
Independent Ipe Tisoy De Viller 3,058 0.73
Independent Jhoviniel Capicio 2,254 0.54
Independent Shain Loar 2,133 0.51
Independent Fidel Miralees 1,902 0.45
  • NPC's Ricardo Gomez, Jr. is a candidates of Kilusang Diwa ng Taguig
  • Marco Evangelista is a candidate of Nacionalista Party