Tah Mac

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Tah Mac
Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genres Hip hop, R&B
Occupation(s) Rapper, songwriter, producer
Years active 1995 – present
Labels TahMc Entertainment
Associated acts Javine, JoJo, Ciara, Onyx, Redman, The Charlatans, Aretha Franklin, Mutya Buena
Website www.tahmac.com

Tah Mac (born in Brooklyn, New York) is an American rapper and songwriter, who rose to fame as a producer of various Hip hop and R&B acts, before releasing his first solo album in 2009.


Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, now LA based - Tah Mac began his career as a co-producer, educating himself on how to program drums on a song, and later accomplishing the mastery of learning to finish a record. He expressed his talent and experience in production as early as age 15, working with a team of well-known hip hop leaders of our time through these relationships - learned to create his own signature sound. Through this musical medium, Tah has created a force unstoppable leading to his knowledge and experience in the music industry today. Tah Mac grew up listening to hip-hop legends such as: Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Tribe Called Quest, Nice and Smooth, and Eric B & Rakim whose lyrical influence changed the way he perceived music as a whole. Deeply impacted through their sound and leadership, Tah decided to quit his college education early on, to further his love for music, with an objective to become a prominent staple in musical history.

Coming into the world as a new producer, Tah dealt with a few challenges. He found himself stuck in the middle of mastering a sound in making music, to orchestrating the written content behind what made the music sound so great. In this internal conflicting feeling, Tah began composing and writing music, in addition to production. Little did he know, that he would one day write music of his own. Because at the time, Tah was known for producing and co-writing for various artists he worked with. As he continued to build his producer discography, Tah soon learned to separate himself from the musical environment in which he was raised. In doing so, he took a great deal of risks, eventually resulting in moving his project to uncharted waters, overseas a series of years later.


Upon leaving his hometown, Atlanta is where Tah began to lay his groundwork as a producer for a number of 6 years, before thinking outside of the box and taking his production to London, UK. His expectations with Europe, were to further his knowledge, and re-create his musical profile. He wanted to accomplish something that very few American producers do, which is to travel overseas to lay a foundation. It was through his travel abroad, that Tah Mac was able to understand how to embrace a global sound. And by embrace a ‘global sound’ he means, create something with an ability to penetrate through various demographics, and introduce his musical journey to the world, as a new sound in world music.

In just as little as 7 years of travel back and forth to London, England - Tah Mac produced music for an array of signed and unsigned talent in the U.K, some of which have become mega stars today: Estelle, Leona Lewis, JoJo to name a few. London is where he developed his artistic individuality, and learned to cross cultivate different genres of music, to find his voice. In this fundamental process, Tah began to test the waters of his own artistry. After producing a few number one, charted records with recognition to the talent, rather than the mechanics behind the record, he felt a need to exceed his ‘label’ as a producer and writer. After this realization, Tah followed his heart and created a way to make his message more impacting. In this, he invented something more personal for the world. Tah Mac designed a brand new project, and this time, he is the star of the story. His intention as a new artist is to carry a musical legacy, which he feels adopted him as a youth - to share his talent and his magic with the world.


With growing success in production for a multitude of UK talent and spending 7-years back and forth from America, to the UK for work - Tah gained immeasurable experience in front of audiences with opportunities to perform quite a few #1 records with talent he had not only produced, but featured on their songs as a solo artist. This was the beginning stages of Tah developing his own independence as a recording artist, as well as a producer. The first #1 record occurred during the year 2005, "Make Your Body Shake" featuring Royston, (produced by Tah Mac) - in which Tah featured on as an artist and performer. Due to this success, Tah had the bounty of touring all throughout the UK and Europe, and performed at stadiums and venues across the country (UK) touring with known acts in front of audiences of 3,000 - 10,000 people at venues, stadiums and amphitheaters such as: Brixton Academy - UK (2005), Hippodrome UK - (2004 & 2005), Manchester Arena - UK (2005), Doncaster Arena - UK (2005), Dublin Station - Ireland (2005), Stratford Rex - UK (2005), and Ten Rooms - London, UK (2004 & 2005).

This led to Tah expanding his demographic across the globe and resulted in bookings, shows and appearances for Tah Mac in other countries such as: St. Kitts and Nevis, Germany, Japan, Africa, France, Georgia (Russia), Thailand, and Turkey. Tah has had the pleasure to meet dignitaries, and government officials of many of these countries who have taken a liking to Tah and what he stands for by having him appear at some of their schools and community outreach programs throughout the years.


With determination to pave his own path in the business, and following the release of Tah's first album, WELCOME 2 TAHLAND Tah took his first project: WELCOME TO TAHLAND overseas. This album was created based on concept and featuring a unique mix of multi-genre styles and sounds, staying true to the UK demographic that nurtured his passion for embracing world music. His first album features several UK vocalists on the album such as: Mutya Buena, Princess Nyah to name a few, and keep a consistency in his dedication to the UK - for the city that musically opened his eyes as both a producer, and an artist. Signed to an indie label: TahMc Entertainment Inc., Tah garnered a joint venture deal with Absolute/Universal UK, for the distribution of the WELCOME 2 TAHLAND album throughout the UK and Europe for his album release date: March 29, 2009.

With the release of Tah's first album, he took a lighter approach on a first single choosing "Time of My Life" as an introductory, feel-good single to launch his project. As momentum quickly began to build, with presence and recognition growing - Tah's second release targeted an international cadence to a club sound and released his second single: "Lavish Lifestyle" (produced by: DJ Lethal, Ritchie Kotzen, and Tony Deniro, featuring C.A.S.H.). This record did incredible numbers in sales, as a certified GOLD-selling single in the UK and Europe, and lead to many opportunities for travel abroad for performances, appearances, interviews, promotional tours, including school and University tours all throughout the country of the UK for the year 2009-2010.

Following "Lavish Lifestyle" Tah released his next single: "Give Back" featuring Mutya Buena (formerly of the biggest selling UK pop group Sugababes) chose this as a single to reach a wider demographic and touch on political issues including poverty which are dear to his heart. Tah had the pleasure of visiting the country of Rwanda, Africa for a tour back in 2005, and wrote this song after experiencing what took place following the genocide 10-years prior - for the actual Anniversary of the horrific events that happened in Rwanda. Tah's approach for "Give Back" was to give his audience a social view on what is taking place on parts of the world that no one is paying attention to - to bring some kind of justice to the unheard voices of the people of Africa.

Tah's next single from the WELCOME 2 TAHLAND album was "Back In Time" produced by Aaron Jones and co-produced by Tah Mac featuring the saucy vocals of one of New York's undiscovered talent Cocoa Sarai. The song is an ode to making people remember what it is to love again. Following the release of "Back In Time" - for Tah's final single from the album, wanted to give his fans something that all lovers of grassroots hip hop can relate to and released to: "Let Loose" produced by Tah Mac and Anthony Brown, featuring the guitar sounds from one of the UK's best Neil Sinclair. The "Let Loose" record pays homage to some of hip hop's finest who've paved the way for artists such as himself to never forget what started the hip hop movement. Fused with organic drums, and rock and roll (guitar riffs and strums), to make an original, vintage-inspired song into a timeless record.


Presently, with the accomplishments of releasing Tah's first album, and its success - Tah has quite a few exciting new endeavors on the horizon. First, Tah recorded his forthcoming single, "Tripping" featuring LP, produced by David Guetta in the demographic of hip hop, dance, and electro is on the verge of release, and the video is out now! Tah Mac is in the studio recording his second album, "Love, Life, and Reality" with the lead single, "The Lights" featuring new RnB pop sensation, Meaku and with a brand new label joint-venture for international distribution and targeting America. For the first time in 12 years, Tah Mac is ready to release his music in America which has been embraced better than he could have acknowledged many years ago.



Year Information UK IRE NL SWI Sales and certifications
2009 Welcome 2 Tahland
  • First studio album
  • Released: 30 March 2009
  • Label: Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
70,000 65,000 40,000 100,000 U.K sales: -



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