Tamahaq language

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Native to Algeria, Libya, Niger
Region Sahara
Native speakers
77,000 (2001)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 thv
Glottolog taha1241[2]

Tamahaq (Tahaggart Tamahaq, Tamahaq Tahaggart) is the only known Northern Tuareg language, spoken in Algeria, western Libya and northern Niger. It varies little from the Southern Tuareg Berber languages of the Aïr Mountains, Azawagh and Adagh. The differences mostly consist of sound substitutions, such as Tamahaq instead of Tamajaq or Tamasheq.


There are three main varieties of Tamahaq:

According to Blench (2006), Tahaggart and Ghat are distinct Tuareg languages.


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