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Tahar Ben Ammar (November 25, 1889[1][2] – May 10, 1985[3]) (Tunisian Arabic: طاهر بن عمار ) was a Tunisian politician. He was born in Tunis. He served as the last Prime Minister of Tunisia under French rule from 1954 to 1956, and was the first Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Tunisia, from March 20 to April 11, 1956.

Ben Ammar co-founded with Abdelaziz Thâalbi the Destour on March 1920. On June 3, 1955, he signed the first agreement for the internal autonomy of Tunisia and on March 20, 1956. Taher Ben Ammar was the co- signatory of the official Memorandum of Understanding for Tunisia's independence with the French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau.

His government resigned after the Constituent Assembly meeting on April 9, 1956. Habib Bourguiba was his successor until July 25, 1957; when he abolished the monarchy and proclaimed himself President of the first Republic of Tunisia.


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