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Alternative namesTahcheen, tah-chin
TypeRice dish
Place of origin Iran (Persia)
Region or stateSemnan, Tehran, Fars and Kermanshah
Main ingredientsRice, chicken fillet, yogurt, saffron, egg

Tahchin (Persian: ته چین, Sorani Kurdish: کراشکە Kiraşke) is an Iranian rice dish primarily consisting of rice, yogurt, saffron, and eggs. Some versions of the dish are more elaborate, folding in chicken fillets, vegetables, fish, or red meat. Tahchin is composed of two different parts: the thin Tahdig part which includes the chicken fillets, saffron, and other ingredients at the bottom of the cooking pot and the second part which is the white rice. In restaurants, tahchin is mostly prepared and served without the white rice part.

Types of Tahchin[edit]

Tahchin can be cooked in various ways such as:

Jaj Baraneh Tahchin is cooked in the same way in all cases. The bottom of the crease can be cooked both in the oven and on a gas flame. When pulling the bottom of the crease, it is better to put a little melted butter on the bottom.

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