Tahir Rashid

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Tahir Rashid
Born December 1985
United Kingdom
Occupation Poet, Composer, Manager, and Entrepreneur
Website http://www.tahirrashid.com

Tahir Rashid (December 1985) British born poet, manager and entrepreneur in the Islamic media and Nasheed industry.

His career started off with writing poetry, mostly Islamically and spiritually oriented, at the age of 16. He soon gained good recognition amongst the Muslim community mainly because of His website which features all of His writings. Within His first year His work started being published in various Islamic magazines and newspapers around the world. His poetry has also been used for English lessons in a few schools in the USA and Canada, as well as being put forward as a consideration to be included in the Saudi Arabian academic curriculum.

At the age of 18 Tahir Rashid moved towards hip-hop with rapping and hip-hop production, utilising his strong lyrical abilities and giving them a fresh approach. His production and music composition skills were also put to positive use through his songs. A sample of a music piece composed by Tahir Rashid can be heard here.

In August 2005 Tahir Rashid was interviewed by Khaleej Times, the national newspaper of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The interview can be read here

Tahir Rashid was also the founder and CEO of the now defunct instrument-free Islamic record label Noor Media.

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