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Taikoo Place
Via Fiori open space
Dorset House Access
Map of TaiKoo Place

Taikoo Place (Chinese: 太古坊; Jyutping: taai3 gu2 fong1; pinyin: Tàigǔfāng) is a commercial complex in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It consists of 10 office towers: Berkshire House, Devon House, Dorset House, the PCCW Tower, Warwick House, Cornwall House, Lincoln House, Oxford House, Cambridge House and One Island East. The development and the adjacent Cityplaza are owned and managed by Swire Properties. The MTR Quarry Bay Station and all the office towers are linked with air-conditioned footbridges. A 68 storey, 308 m commercial building (currently named as One Island East) stands next to the junction of Westlands Road and Taikoo Shing Road. The current site of Taikoo Place was previously the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and the dockyard. Since the 1980s it has been redeveloped to become a unique metropolitan environment for business and pleasure. A wide range of amenities are situated within the area, including the Cityplaza shopping centre, Butterfield’s private members club, lifestyle business hotel EAST, multipurpose venue ArtisTree, over 60 restaurants and cafés with parking for over 6,000 cars.

Taikoo Place seats many advertisement and information technology firms. The PCCW Tower, the tower just next to Dorset House is where the headquarters of PCCW are located, a Hong Kong-based telecommunication company. The local headquarters of IBM and JWT is also situated there, occupying the first 15 storeys. Ironically, more IT firms choose to have their Hong Kong base in Taikoo Place rather than in Cyberport, which was particularly built for this purpose.

The neighbourhood of Taikoo Place was once residential and industrial. Once Taikoo Place was built, the neighbourhood has been undergoing constant development and gentrification. Swire Properties has begun construction for serviced apartments north of Devon House, due for completion in 2015.


  • Warwick House (1979)
  • Cornwall House (1984)
  • Devon House (德宏大厦; 德宏大廈; dak1 wang4 daai6 haa6; Déhóng Dàshà) (1993)
  • Dorset House (1994)
  • PCCW Tower (1994)
  • Berkshire House (1998)
  • Lincoln House (1998)
  • Somerset House (1988 – demolished 2014)
  • Oxford House (1999)
  • Cambridge House (2003)
  • One Island East (2008)

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