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Tai Chi (太極) is a Hong Kong rock band formed in Hong Kong in 1985 by Patrick Lui (lead vocalist), Albert Lui (lead vocalist), Joey Tang (guitarist), Gary Tong (keyboardist), Ernest Lau (guitarist), Eddy Sing (bass guitarist and backing vocal), and Ricky Chu (drummer). They are joined by the 1980s "Band-booming Era" along with Fundamental, Beyond, Tat Ming Pair, Blue Jeans, Small Island, Raidas, Citybeat. Tai Chi is well known for their catchy and modern tunes. They are still active to date and have a large base of fans.


  • Albert Lui (lead and backing vocals)
  • Patrick Lui (lead and backing vocals)
  • Joey Tang (guitar, backing and lead vocals)
  • Gary Tong (keyboards, piano, backing vocals)
  • Ernest Lau (guitar, backing vocals)
  • Eddy Sing (bass guitar, backing vocals)
  • Ricky Chu (drums, percussion)

Hit Songs[edit]

  • 暴風紅唇 : Stormy red lips
  • 他 : Him/her
  • 紅色跑車 : Red mobile
  • Dance all nite
  • 吶喊 : Shout
  • 迷途 : Maze
  • 緣 : Fate
  • Celia
  • 禁區 : Restricted area
  • 欠 : Without
  • 留住我吧 : Let me stay
  • 全人類高歌 : Human race sing together
  • Crystal
  • 每一句說話 : Every word