Tai Chi Hero

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Tai Chi Hero
Tai Chi Hero poster.jpg
China poster
Directed byStephen Fung
Produced by
Written by
  • Chang Chia-lu
  • Cheng Hsiao-tse[1]
Story byChen Kuo-fu
Music byIshida Katsunori
Edited by
  • Cheng Hsiao-tse
  • Matthew Hui
  • Zhang Weili[1]
Release date
  • 25 October 2012 (2012-10-25)
Running time
102 minutes[1]
CountryHong Kong

Tai Chi Hero (太極2 英雄崛起) is a 2012 Hong Kong-Chinese 3D martial arts film directed by Stephen Fung, written and produced by Chen Kuo-fu.[2][3] It is the sequel to Fung's 2012 film Tai Chi Zero. It was released in Hong Kong on 25 October 2012.[1] It is to be followed by a third undeveloped movie named Tai Chi Summit.


The continuing adventure of Yang Lu Chan as he bumbles his way through learning Chen-style kung fu. Which is later named by the Prince as "Tai Chi", henceforth no longer known as just Chen style. Yang Lu Chan evolves from the Bumbling Idiot into the first stage of being the most formidable Tai Chi Master and wins the heart of Chen Yu Niang, daughter of the Chen Grandmaster.



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