Tai Fu Tai Mansion

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Tai Fu Tai Mansion
Traditional Chinese大夫第
Tai Fu Tai Mansion

Tai Fu Tai Mansion (Chinese: 大夫第) is a residence located in San Tin near Lok Ma Chau, north of Yuen Long, Hong Kong.

It was probably built in 1865 in the reign of the Qing Dynasty. It was built as a residence by Man Chung-luen (文頌鑾) whose ancestors had settled in San Tin since the 15th century.

The building is richly embellished with spacious grounds; a large open space in front and a garden at the back. The whole mansion is surrounded by a green-brick wall. It is a fine example of traditional Chinese dwellings of the scholar-gentry class.

In 2007, 3D laser scanning technology was used to digitally capture 3D images of the structure.[1]


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Coordinates: 22°29′59″N 114°04′35″E / 22.4996°N 114.0764°E / 22.4996; 114.0764