Tai Hang Sai Estate

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Tai Hang Sai Estate
Tai Hang Sai Estate

Tai Hang Sai Estate (Chinese: 大坑西邨) is a private housing estate in Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is located between Shek Kip Mei Estate and Tai Hang Tung Estate, near MTR Shek Kip Mei Station. It consists of 8 residential buildings which were built in 1965 and 1977 respectively. Although it is a rental housing, like other public housing estates, it was built and managed by neither Hong Kong Housing Authority nor Hong Kong Housing Society. Instead, it was developed by a privately owned company.


In 1961, the British Hong Kong Government granted a piece of land at concessionary premium to the Hong Kong Settlers Housing Corporation Limited (Chinese: 香港平民屋宇有限公司), founded in 1952 by Dr Lee Iu Cheung and others, to build and then manage the present Tai Hang Sai Estate in order to rehouse tenants affected by clearance of the then Tai Hang Sai Resettlement Area.[1][2]

In 1965, the Corporation constructed seven buildings with a total of 1603 flats and let them out at rents below market levels to tenants on low incomes. This was the only instance in Hong Kong that Government granted land to a private company to build rental housing.[3][4]

In 1977, just after the opening of Shek Kip Mei Station, the eighth building, Man Tai House, was completed.[5]


Coordinates: 22°19′56″N 114°10′11″E / 22.3323°N 114.1696°E / 22.3323; 114.1696