Tai Hing

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Tai Hing Group
Traded asSEHK6811
FounderChan Wing-on[1]
Hong Kong
Number of locations
191[2] (2019)
Area served
Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan
OwnerChan Wing-on (51.2%)[3]
Tai Hing Restaurant in The Pacifica Mall, Cheung Sha Wan

Tai Hing Group[4] (Chinese: 太興集團) is a restaurant chain in Hong Kong. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2019.[5] The company was founded in 1989. As of May 2019, it operates 9 brands, with a total of 191 branches,[2] of which 126 are in Hong Kong and 63 are in Mainland China.[3] In 2018, the company had a net margin of 4.9%.[6]


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