Tai Lam Country Park

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Coordinates: 22°23′38″N 114°00′24″E / 22.3938875°N 114.0067274°E / 22.3938875; 114.0067274

Tai Lam Country Park
Traditional Chinese 大欖郊野公園

Tai Lam Country Park (Chinese: 大欖郊野公園), established on 23 February 1979, is a country park located in the Tai Lam, at the south of Yuen Long and east of Tuen Mun, in the western New Territories of Hong Kong. This country park has an area of 54 km².


A series of barbecue and picnic sites are provided along Route Twisk, the Shek Kong, Pat Heung catchwater and the Tuen Mun catchwater. In addition, there are a lot of trails. For example, the MacLehose Trail and the Kap Lung Forest Trail start from the top of Route Twisk near the Country Park Management Centre. The Twisk Nature Trail near the Country Park Management Centre introduces the natural environment and human impacts in the area.

The fitness trail at So Kwun Wat catchwater provides 14 sets of fitness equipment for visitors and morning walkers.


  • To Route Twisk at Tai Lam Country Park - Kowloon Motor Bus No. 51 (from Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) to Kam Tin)
  • To Tai Tong at Tai Lam Country Park - K66 West Rail Line feeder bus (from Long Ping to Tai Tong). The terminus is at Tai Tong.
  • To Ho Pui at Tai Lam Country Park - GMB No. 71 (from Yuen Long to Ho Pui Village).
  • To Tuen Mun at Tai Lam Country Park - start the walk at Tuen Mun Hoh Fuk Tong (614 or 614P at Hoh Fuk Tong
  • To Sham Tseng : start the walk at Tsing Lung Tau. (KMB 52X or 53 on Castle Peak Road)
  • K51 - The bus Terminus is at Tai Lam, which is the south of the country park. The route passes through Tuen Mun Station and Siu Hong Station

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