Tai Po Lookout Tower

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Tai Po Lookout Tower
Tai Po Lookout Tower at night

Tai Po Lookout Tower (香港回歸紀念塔) is a large-scale landmark established for the commemoration of the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to the PRC in 1997.[1] It is located near the mouth of the Lam Tsuen River and next to the shore of Tolo Harbour, within Tai Po Waterfront Park, in Tai Po, Hong Kong.

Unlike the similarly named but unrelated Tai Po Lookout which is now a private residence, Tai Po Lookout Tower has become a famous tourist spot in the New Territories. The building is 32.4 metres tall. Visitors can reach the top to enjoy a bird's eye view over Tolo Harbour, the entire Tai Po Waterfront Park and the neighbouring Tai Po Industrial Estate.[1]

At the lower part of the tower there is an inscription noting the meaning of its establishment: The inhabitants of the New Territories defended and sacrificed themselves for their own home in the early period when Hong Kong was ceded to Great Britain in 1898. They devoted to the development of the territory and significantly made a great contribution into society after the war time of Hong Kong falling into Japan's hands during the period of time from December 1941 to August 1945. The inscription also points out that the location of the tower is exactly where the British government made a landing when taking over the New Territories. The tower, therefore, was built at the same place for the commemoration of the sovereignty handover.[1]


Tolo Harbour is between Tai Po Kau (home to Tai Po Lookout) and the Tai Po Waterfront Park. After visiting the Lookout, visitors may also have an enjoyment of traveling around the Tai Po Lookout Tower in which visitors are able to have a rather different point of view upon Tai Po and Tolo Harbour, and have a comparison on the architectural styles of both buildings situated in the same district but established in different times. Since there is no transportation (except taxi) from the Lookout directly heading for the Lookout Tower, having change of bus in Tai Po Market is necessary. The journey takes roughly about 40 minutes.

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Coordinates: 22°27′01″N 114°10′48″E / 22.4502°N 114.18°E / 22.4502; 114.18