Tai Pun Residents Association

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Tai Pun Residents Association is a Chinese American home town association of Dapengnese in the United States of America. The majority of Dapengnese have lived in New York City. The organization is a member of Lin Sing Association. The association building is situated at 51 Bayard Street 1/F in New York. The organization organise annually a meeting at Chinese New Year. They use Dapeng dialect to communicate with each other. Tai Pun Residents Association was founded in 1919 and is the oldest Dapengnese association. Chinese nationalism, respect for the young and old are the main ideas of Tai Pun Residents Association. Therefore, every year they celebrate the national day of Republic of China on October the tenth. And they organise a day for elderly in summer. The Tai Pun Yook Ying Association is a suborganization. It was founded as a charity fund for Chinese schools