Taichung Baseball Field

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Taichung Baseball Field
Location Taichung, Taiwan
Capacity 8,500 (2009)
Field size Left field – 325 ft
Center field – 400 ft
Right field – 325 ft
Surface Grass
Opened 1935
Jungo Bears (1993–1995)
Sinon Bears (first half 1996)
Sinon Bulls (second half 1996–2007)
Taichung Agan (1997–2002)

The Taichung Baseball Field (Chinese: 台中棒球場; pinyin: Táizhōng Bàngqiú Chǎng) is a multi-purpose stadium in Taichung, Taiwan. Built in 1935 during the Taiwan under Japanese rule era, this stadium has been repeatedly refurbished and currently can seat 8,500 people. This stadium has been the home of professional baseball teams such as Jungo Bears (1993–1995), Sinon Bears (first half 1996), Sinon Bulls(second half 1996–present) of Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) and Taichung Agan(1997–2002) of Taiwan Major League (TML).

This stadium has long been a part of the National Taiwan College of Physical Education's campus and caused certain inconvenience when hosting professional baseball games. A new baseball stadium, the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium, opened in November 2006 to host the 2006 Intercontinental Cup, and it became the new home of the Sinon Bulls starting in 2008 season.

Taichung Baseball Field no longer hosts professional baseball games and is only used for educational and training purposes.

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The Elephants of the CPBL now play in this Stadium


Coordinates: 24°08′55.11″N 120°41′19.50″E / 24.1486417°N 120.6887500°E / 24.1486417; 120.6887500