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Coordinates: 24°08′42″N 120°41′00″E / 24.14500°N 120.68333°E / 24.14500; 120.68333

Taichung Park Pavilion
Taiwan Castle North gate
Taichung Wu's Residence gatehouse

The Taichung Park (Chinese: 臺中公園; pinyin: Táizhōng gōngyuán) is the oldest park in Taichung, Taiwan. It was built when Taiwan was under Japanese rule and is also called “Chungshan Park” (中山公園; "Sun Yat-sen park").[1]


The park, originally called Nakanoshima kōen (Japanese: 中之島公園), was built in 1903 during the Japanese era. On 17 April 1999, Taichung City Government listed it as city historical sites. In recent years, people have celebrated Lantern Festival in Taichung Park.[2]


The park has an artificial lake which covers an area of 13,530 m2. It also has two adjacent pavilions in the lake which were built to commemorate the establishment of Crossway Railway in 1908.


The park has facilities for kayaking in the lake, tennis court, outdoor platform and kids playground.

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