Taifa of Jerez

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Taifa of Jerez
Capital Jerez
Languages Arabic, Mozarabic, Hebrew
Religion Islam, Roman Catholicism, Judaism
Government Monarchy
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Established 1145
 •  Conquered by the Almohads 1145
Currency Dirham and Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Taifa of Jerez was a medieval taifa kingdom that existed in what is now southern Spain in 1145, until it was conquered by the Almohads.

Jerez remained under Muslim rule until 1261. Following the collapse of the Almohads, it emerged as an independent enclave until conquered by Castile.

List of Emirs[edit]

  • Abu'l-Qaim Ahyal: 1145
  • Abu'l-Gammar: 1145
  • 'Ali: 1145