Taifa of Morón

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Taifa of Morón
Taifa Kingdom of Morón, c. 1037.
Capital Morón
Languages Arabic, Mozarabic, Hebrew
Religion Islam, Catholicism, Judaism
Government Monarchy
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Downfall of Caliphate of Córdoba 1010
 •  Conquered by the Taifa of Seville 1066
Currency Dirham, Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Caliphate of Córdoba
Taifa of Seville

The Taifa of Morón was a medieval berber[1][2] taifa kingdom that existed from around 1010 to 1066. From 1066 until 1091 it was under the forcible control of Seville, by Abbad II al-Mu'tadid.[3]

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Dammarid dynasty[edit]

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