Taifa of Santa Maria do Algarve

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Taifa of Santa Maria do Algarve
Taifa Kingdom of Santa Maria do Algarve, c. 1037
Capital Santa Maria do Algarve
Languages Arabic, Mozarabic , Hebrew
Religion Islam, Roman Catholicism, Judaism
Government Monarchy
Historical era Middle Ages
 •  Established 1018
 •  Conquered by the Taifa of Seville 1051
Currency Dirham and Dinar
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Taifa of Badajoz
Taifa of Seville
Today part of  Portugal

The Taifa of Santa Maria do Algarve (Arabic: شنتمرية الغرب‎‎) was a medieval taifa kingdom or emirate, in what is now southern Portugal, that existed from 1018 to 1051. From 1051 until 1091 it was under the forcible control of Seville, by Abbad II al-Mu'tadid.[1] Known as the Banu Harun, their descendants remained as Qadis of the city until its reconquest by Portugal in 1249, the last of whom being Aloandro Ben Bekar.

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Harunid dynasty[edit]

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