Taikou Risshiden V

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Taiko Risshiden V
Taiko Risshiden V - Koei PSP cover art.png
Cover art for Taiko Risshiden V for the PlayStation Portable
Developers Koei
Publishers Koei
Year of inception 1992

Taikō Risshiden V (太閤立志伝 V?) is the latest title of a Japanese video game series (turn-based sandbox role-playing video games/turn-based strategy) produced by Koei. It was released on PC and PlayStation 2 in 2004 followed by a port to PlayStation Portable in 2009. The first title of the series was released on NEC PC-9801 in 1992 followed by ports to Super Famicom and Genesis/Mega Drive. It was later re-released on the Wii Virtual Console on September 1, 2009, ported from the Super Famicom version.

The name of the game roughly means "the Taikō's success story". The games involve the player taking on the role of a character from the Momoyama period in one of eight roles (in addition to the 3 roles in IV, samurai, ninja, businessman, the new roles are blademaster, pirate, doctor, tea master, and blacksmith) and living that life through minigames, resource management, and strategic thinking. The player will meet various historical figures of the era.


The game follows the card system used in Taikō Risshiden IV with expanded play of some of the previous professions. Additionally, there are an increased number of playable warlords (800 people in the Windows version, 860 in the PS2 version). Also, people other than the military commander may appear such as missionaries, monks, and wives. Pirates and Businessmen can travel to four overseas bases: Naha (Ryukyu, now part of Japan), Busan (Korea), Ningbo (Ming China), and Luzon (nowadays the Philippines).

The military commander graphics changed from manga style to a graphic novel style, and Nobunaga's Ambition-type gameplay is seen. Had to be performed each time the mini-games in the case of internal affairs and studying in the previous work further, but (unless you have aligned the conditions in the PS2 version or later), omitted setting also added mini-games in this work. However it is necessary to perform a mini-game, even though the abbreviated set at the time of some events, and also becomes more conforming to the ability value for the technique of the player is not reflected in the results of that case. Was in the PS2 version of the previous work still further, elements that new mode is added by the acquisition bill number increase is also equipped with the Win version in this work. In other works Koei Power Up Kit warlords data editor feature that is often added by also be added by collecting the tags of all in this work. the creation of new military commander the player is made to appear in the game as fictional military commander of their own, they did not choose only from the graphics that have been pre-determined in the previous work, but his face like a combination of parts and accessories face in this work I was able to create a. Also play with the women warlords or even become possible over the first series, the new military commander other than yourself have or even come to be made to appear to a maximum 40 people at the same time.

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List of games[edit]

  • Taiko Risshiden – PC 1992,[1] Genesis May 28, 1993[2]
  • Taiko Risshiden IIPlayStation February 23, 1996,[3] PC[4]
  • Taiko Risshiden III – PC March 5, 1999,[5] PlayStation August 19, 1999[6]
  • Taiko Risshiden IV – PC June 1, 2001,[7] PlayStation Portable August 31, 2006[8]
  • Taiko Risshiden V – PC March 12, 2004,[9] PlayStation Portable September 17, 2009[10]


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