Taikou Risshiden V

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Taiko Risshiden V
Taiko Risshiden V - Koei PSP cover art.png
Cover art for Taiko Risshiden V for the PlayStation Portable
Developer(s) Koei
Publisher(s) Koei
Platforms Microsoft Windows [Win]
PlayStation 2 [PS2]
PlayStation Portable [PSP]
Platform of origin NEC PC-9801
Year of inception 1992
First release Taiko Risshiden
March 13, 1992 [PC98]
April 7, 1993 [SFC]
May 28, 1993 [MD]
July 22, 2005 [Win] (Koei standard series)

Taikō Risshiden V (太閤立志伝 V) is the latest title of a Japanese video game series Taikō Risshiden (turn-based sandbox role-playing video games/turn-based strategy) produced by Koei. It was released on PC and PlayStation 2 in 2004 followed by a port to PlayStation Portable in 2009. The first title of the series was released on NEC PC-9801 in 1992 followed by ports to Super Famicom and Genesis/Mega Drive. It was later re-released on the Wii Virtual Console on September 1, 2009, ported from the Super Famicom version.

The name of the game roughly means "the Taikō's success story". The characters are taken from the Momoyama period in Japan, classified in eight: in the previous Taikō Risshiden IV, a player picked a character from a samurai, a ninja or a merchant, and in Taikō Risshiden V, new roles are added as a blademaster, a pirate, a doctor, a tea master, and a blacksmith, eight in total. The player will meet various historical figures of the era in the game.


The game follows the card system used in Taikō Risshiden IV with new profession added, and number of playable warlords are expanded for each version as 800 for Windows and 860 for the PlayStation 2. Non-combat characters are involved including foreign missionaries, monks, and wives of the military lords. There are four overseas bases where pirates and merchants can travel to: Naha (Ryukyu, now part of Japan), Busan (Korea), Ningbo (Ming China), and Luzon (present the Philippines).

The military commander graphics was changed from manga style applied to version III and IV, to a graphic novel or gekiga style, adopted from the format employed in a title named Nobunaga's Ambition. While each internal affairs and training sessions were settled in mini-games in Taikō Risshiden IV unless you change option in PlayStation 2 edition or later, in this version it is possible to opt out and skip those mini-games. However, when the player skips those mini-games, technical points will not be gained on ability score, and there are events that the player is challenged with the mini-games, even when opted to skip them. Like the previous PlayStation 2 version, players on Windows will gain new mode by the number of cards gained during the play. The function to edit warlord data is employed when all docks are collected, to replace the Power Up Kit used in other Koei titles.

When creating a special commander or warrior, the player designs the appearance for instance choose and arrange face features, props and clothing, not that to choose from among preset outlook. It is in this version that a female warlord can be chosen for the first time, as well as the player being able to register and maneuver up to 40 characters along with the main warlord at the same time.[1]

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List of games[edit]

  • Taiko Risshiden – PC 1992,[2] Genesis May 28, 1993[3]
  • Taiko Risshiden IIPlayStation February 23, 1996,[4] PC[5]
  • Taiko Risshiden III – PC March 5, 1999,[6] PlayStation August 19, 1999[7]
  • Taiko Risshiden IV – PC June 1, 2001,[8] PlayStation Portable August 31, 2006[9]
  • Taiko Risshiden V – PC March 12, 2004,[10] PlayStation Portable September 17, 2009[11]


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