Taiktaw Monastery

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Taiktaw Monastery
Taiktaw Monastery.jpg
Basic information
Geographic coordinates 21°59′36″N 96°06′30″E / 21.993230°N 96.108208°E / 21.993230; 96.108208Coordinates: 21°59′36″N 96°06′30″E / 21.993230°N 96.108208°E / 21.993230; 96.108208
Affiliation Theravada Buddhism
Country Mandalay, Mandalay Region, Burma
Architectural description
Founder King Mindon Min
Completed 1859; 159 years ago (1859)

Taiktaw Monastery (Burmese: တိုက်တော်ကျောင်း) is a royal Buddhist monastery in Mandalay, Burma, known for its bold wooden carvings.[1] The central building was the residence of the Thathanabaing, and the posts were taken from the Amarapura Palace.[1] It was built by King Mindon Min in 1859, and was used under the Burmese monarchy as the official residence of the Thathanabaing.[1]

Taiktaw Monastery was located close to the eastern gate into Mandalay Palace.[2]

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