Tail of pancreas

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Tail of pancreas
Illu pancreas duodenum.jpg
The duodenum and pancreas
Latin cauda pancreatis
TA A05.9.01.014
FMA 14519
Anatomical terminology

The tail of the pancreas, located anatomically left near the hilum of the spleen, is not simply an anatomical distinction. The tail[disputed ] is the only part of the pancreas which contains Pancreatic Polypeptide (PP) cells, which are responsible for secreting pancreatic polypeptide to coordinate exocrine and islet enzyme release. PP cells are found in the tail's periphery. Beta cells (insulin secretory) and delta cells (somatostatin secretory) are found in the central part of the tail as with the rest of the pancreas.

The cells described above are located exclusively in the islet cells; their secretions reach exocrine portions of the pancreas via the capillary network surrounding the islet cell populations.

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