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Super Formula: Chijō Saisoku no Battle
Tail to Nose: Great Championship
Super Formula: Chijō Saisoku no Battle
Arcade flyer of Super Formula: Chijō Saisoku no Battle.
Developer(s) Video System
Publisher(s) Video System
Composer(s) Naoki Itamura (Gekko Itamura)
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Arcade Racing (Formula One)
Mode(s) Single-player

Tail to Nose: Great Championship, known in Japan as Super Formula: Chijō Saisoku no Battle (スーパーフォーミュラ・地上最速のバトル "Super Formula: The Battle of the Fastest on the Ground"?), is a 1989 Formula One-based arcade racing video game developed and published by Video System.


Super Formula was one of the earliest arcade games related to Formula 1, in this case the 1988 season. Although being an unlicensed game, the teams, drivers, sponsors and the only four circuits available were inspired by real-life ones. The drivers are recognizable in the graphic representations of their faces.

It can be considered as the predecessor to the F-1 Grand Prix (video game series).

Constructors and drivers[edit]

Screenshot showing the gameplay.


 2 - Japan S. Nakaji (Satoru Nakajima)
 1 - Brazil N. Poquet (Nelson Piquet)
11 - France A. Prist (Alain Prost)
12 - Brazil A. Seena (Ayrton Senna)
28 - Austria G. Burger (Gerhard Berger)
27 - Italy M. Albert (Michele Alboreto)
 5 - United Kingdom N. Manuel (Nigel Mansell)
 6 - Italy R. Patric (Riccardo Patrese)
20 - Belgium T. Boozen (Thierry Boutsen)
19 - Italy A. Nanine (Alessandro Nannini)
16 - Italy I. Capela (Ivan Capelli)
15 - Brazil M. Gugmin (Maurício Gugelmin)
  • The "Lotos Homda", "McLarun Homda" and "Ferreri" are 1500cc turbocharged cars
  • The "Willarms Jadd", "Benetten Foad" and "Marci Jadd" are 3500cc non-turbocharged cars

Other drivers[edit]

(26 drivers)



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