Timur Zulfikarov

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Timur Zulfiqorov
Born17 August 1936
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
NationalityRussian / Tajik

Timur Zulfiqorov (Russian/Tajik:Тимур Зульфикаров/Темур Зулфиқоров) (born 17 August 1936) is a Russian / Tajik poet, playwright, and novelist. He was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Writing and awards[edit]

He was the winner of the Ivan Bunin Award for his work Zolotye Pismena Lyubvi (The Golden Letters of Love).[1] The Nika Prize in 2001 was awarded to a romance to Zulfikarov's lyrics for the art-house melodrama Listen, Is It Raining?[2] performed by singer Lina Mkrtchyan, and written by composer Isaac Schwartz.[3]


Gyron and Nolon on the Shipyard of Water.[4]


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