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The Tain Hindu Mandir is a Hindu temple located in Tain Settlement, a rural community in Port Mourant Corentyne Berbice in Guyana, South America. It is affiliated with the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha; however, its genesis was inspired by the Guyana Sevasharam Sangh Cove and John, East Coast Demerara.

On Sunday evenings during the 1960s, 1970s, and the latter part of the 1980s, the Tain Hindu Mandir used to conduct Hawan services followed by bhajan singing. These services were usually attended by adults. The mandir also has a youth organisation, the Tain Hindu Youth Organisation, and although most of the founding members migrated overseas, the younger generation of East Indians living in Tain/Clifton/Johns are keeping their rich Hindu culture, heritage and tradition alive.

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