Tainan Prefecture

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Tainan Prefecture

The Tainan Prefecture government building, which now serves as the National Museum of Taiwan Literature
• 1941
Historical eraTaiwan under Japanese rule
• Established
• Disestablished
25 October 1945
28 April 1952
Political subdivisions2 cities (市)
10 districts (郡)
Today part ofTainan City, Chiayi City, Chiayi County and Yunlin County
Tainan Prefecture

Tainan Prefecture (臺南州/台南州, Tainan-shū) was one of the administrative divisions of Taiwan during the Japanese rule. The prefecture consisted of modern-day Tainan City, Chiayi City, Chiayi County, and Yunlin County.[1]


Total population 1,550,695
Japanese 53,446
Taiwanese 1,489,621
Korean 253
1941 (Showa 16) census.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Administrative divisions of Tainan Prefecture (1930)

Cities and districts[edit]

In 1945 (Shōwa 20), there were 2 cities and 10 districts.

Cities (市 shi) Districts (郡 gun)
Name Kanji Kana Name Kanji Kana
Tainan City 臺南市 たいなんし Niitoyo District 新豐郡 にいとよぐん
Shinka District 新化郡 しんかぐん
Sobun District 曾文郡 そぶんぐん
Hokumon District 北門郡 ほくもんぐん
Shin'ei District 新營郡 しんえいぐん
Kagi City 嘉義市 かぎし Kagi District 嘉義郡 かぎぐん
Toroku District 斗六郡 とろくぐん
Kobi District 虎尾郡 こびぐん
Hokukō District 北港郡 ほくこうぐん
Tōseki District 東石郡 とうせきぐん

Towns and Villages[edit]

The districts are divided into towns (街) and villages (庄)

District Name Kanji Notes
Jintoku village 仁德庄 Today Rende District
Kijin village 歸仁庄 Today Gueiren District
Kanbyō village 關廟庄 Today Guanmiao District
Tatsuzaki village 龍崎庄 Today Longci District
Eikō village 永康庄 Today Yongkang District
Anjun village 安順庄 Today Annan District
Einei village 永寧庄 Abolished in 1940, annexed into Tainan City and Zintoku village
Shinka town 新化街 Today Sinhua District
Zenka town 善化街 Today Shanhua District
Shinshi village 新市庄 Today Sinshih District
Antei village 安定庄 Today Anding District
Yamakami village 山上庄 Today Shanshang District
Tamai village 玉井庄 Today Yujing District
Nansei village 楠西庄 Today Nansi District
Nanka village 南化庄 Today Nanhua District
Sachin village 左鎮庄 Today Zuojhen District
Matō town 麻豆街 Today Madou District
Kaei village 下營庄 Today Xiaying District
Rokkō village 六甲庄 Today Liujia District
Kanden village 官田庄 Today Guantian District
Ōuchi village 大內庄 Today Danei District
Kari town 佳里街 Today Jiali District
Seikō village 西港庄 Today Sigang District
Shichiko village 七股庄 Today Cigu District
Shōgun village 將軍庄 Today Jiangjun District
Hokumon village 北門庄 Today Beimen District
Gakkō village 學甲庄 Today Syuejia District
Shin'ei town 新營街 Today Xinying District
Ensui town 鹽水街 Today Yanshuei District
Shirakawa village 白河庄 Today Baihe District
Ryūei village 柳營庄 Today Liouying District
Kōheki village 後壁庄 Today Houbi District
Bansha village 番社庄 Today Dongshan District
Tairin town 大林街 Today Dalin Township
Mizukami village 水上庄 Today Shuishang Township
Tamio village 民雄庄 Today Minxiong Township
Shinkō village 新巷庄 Today Xingang Township
Keikō village 渓口庄 Today Xikou Township
Kōme village 小梅庄 Today Meishan Township
Takesaki village 竹崎庄 Today Zhuqi Township
Banro village 番路庄 Today Fanlu Township
Chūho village 中埔庄 Today Zhongpu Township
Taiho village 大埔庄 Today Dapu Township
Aboriginal Area 蕃地 Today Alishan Township
Kagi town 嘉義街 Upgraded to a city in 1930, today Chiayi City
Toroku town 斗六街 Today Douliu City and Linnei Township
Tonan town 斗南街 Today Dounan Township
Kokō village 古坑庄 Today Gukeng Township
Taihi village 大埤庄 Today Dapi Township
Shidō village 莿桐庄 Today Cihtong Township
Kobi town 虎尾街 Today Huwei Township
Seira town 西螺街 Today Xiluo Township
Doko town 土庫街 Today Tuku Township and Baozhong Township
Jirin village 二崙庄 Today Dapi Township
Ronbai village 崙背庄 Today Lunbei Township and Mailiao Township
Kaikō village 海口庄 Today Taixi Township and Dongshi Township
Hokkō town 北港街 Today Beigang Township
Kanchō village 元長庄 Today Yuanchang Township
Shiko village 四湖庄 Today Sihu Township
Kōko village 口湖庄 Today Kouhu Township
Suirin village 水林庄 Today Shuilin Township
Bokushi town 朴子街 Today Puzi City
Rokkyaku village 六脚庄 Today Lioujiao Township
Tōseki village 東石庄 Today Dongshi Township
Hotei village 布袋庄 Today Budai Township
Rokusō village 鹿草庄 Today Lucao Township
Taihō village 太保庄 Today Taibao City
Gichiku village 義竹庄 Today Yizhu Township

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