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Coordinates: 23°02′20.1″N 120°14′21.4″E / 23.038917°N 120.239278°E / 23.038917; 120.239278

Tainan University of Technology
Motto Combine learning with thought.
Type Private
Established 1965[1]
Location Yongkang, Tainan, Taiwan
Campus Urban
Colors Purple and White
Nickname Phoenix (symbol)
Website www.tut.edu.tw
Tainan University of Technology
Traditional Chinese 台南應用科技大學

The Tainan University of Technology (TUT; Chinese: 台南應用科技大學), also known as Tainan Tech (台南科大; Tai-nan Ke-da), is a private university serving approximately 10,000 students in the Tainan metropolitan area in southern Taiwan. The main campus sits in Yongkang District of Tainan.

The school, founded in 1964 to provide professional training for women, opened its doors in 1965 as the Private Tainan Junior College of Home Economics. The school subsequently became the Tainan Women's College of Arts and Technology (1997–2006). As the Tainan University of Technology (2007) it graduated its first male students.

Tainan Tech is historically strong in the fields of music, visual art, arts technology, education, finance, product design and fashion design. Since 2002 the school has added graduate programs in music, business management, art and applied sciences.

The campus is famed for its international horticulture and outdoor art. The landscaping facilitates a commencement ritual: a circumnavigation of the campus by graduates, who process through a series of floral trellises and, finally, under a line of decorated arches held aloft by younger classmates.

Tainan Tech commencement


依循管理學院的發展理念IHIPI(Integration, Holistic Education, Innovation, Practical Application, Internationalization),為該教育界商學所中建構具有競爭優勢與特色的研究所。

  • 台南應用科技大學管理學院商管所「企業管理碩士(Master of Business Administration)」是理論與實務兼顧,培育具有分析,解決經營能力的經理人才為目標。在專業知識的訓練方面,由於商管所師資係由管理學院所屬會計資訊、國際企業、財務金融、資訊管理、應用外語系(2008年新增企業管理系及旅館管理學位學程)相關領域的師資所整合而成,是一所管理學院下所屬的研究所。
  • Graduate School of Business and Management, Tainan University of Technology offers MBA program focusing on both theoretical and practical applications, and educating professionals and management talents with analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. The Graduate School integrates relevant academic fields and it is under College of Management. Therefore, teaching, training, and resources such as faculties and staffs will be supported by the other five departments under College of Management, Department of Accounting Information, Department of International Business Management, Department of Finance, Department of Information Management, and Department of Applied Foreign Languages (Department of Business of Administration and Program of Hotel Management a started were established at 2008). Small classroom will be taken at this current stage, and no concentration is put. The design of curriculum and teaching faculties for MBA program combine the academic fields coming from the five departments.
  • The Graduate School follows the missions of IHIPI(Integration, Holistic Education, Innovation, Practical Application, Internationalization)from College of Management to build competitive advantages with specific features. The Graduate School emphasizes the following:

1. Focusing on both theoretical and practical applications: No matter how the industrial development is performed by knowledge-based economy or by experience-based economy, the core lies in the knowledge creation. Curriculum designed with diversities benefit students who face emerging changes and build them with ability and creation to face the changes.

2.Approach of Case Teaching: Case study increases students understanding of theories of management. Moreover, case study is the best way to get close to the practical business. Case teaching provides group discussions which facilities brainstorming and it educates student to learn teamwork.

3.Approach of Off Campus and Business Visit: The Graduate School offers students opportunities of off campus and business visits. Through physically visiting business, students learn the similarities and differences between theoretical and practical business. Business visit assists students to come to a comprehensive understanding of knowledge.

4.Migration of Aesthetics Lecture Class into our Life: According to the industry survey conducted by this Graduate School, businesses claim that other than professional knowledge and language skills, proper attitude is the most important quality they prefer. Therefore, starting from 2008, every graduate student will be requested to take the Aesthetics Lecture Class as a training class.

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  1. ^ as Private Tainan Junior College of Home Economics

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