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Total population
350 (2006)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Kuuk Thaayorre, English
Related ethnic groups
Yir-Yoront, Yirrk-Thangalkl, Koko Bera, Uw Olkola, Uw Oykangand

The Thaayorre are an Australian people living on the southwestern part of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland in Australia, primarily in the settlement Pormpuraaw, having its foundation in the Edward River Mission.

The Thaayorre are semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers with strong traditions of historytelling, song and dance. Many Thaayorre are still retaining a strong link to their native culture, and many are living most of the year on outstations in their traditional lands.[1]

Intertribal marriage and political relations with the other peoples in the area, especially the Yir-Yoront people, were common and made the peoples in the area very unified.[2]


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