Taipei Bridge Station

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Taipei Bridge
Taipei Metro
Taipei Bridge Station Platform 5.jpg
Taipei Bridge Station Platform 2 Concourse
Location B1, No. 108, Sec. 1, Chongxin Rd.
Sanchong, New Taipei City
Operated by
Connections Bus stop
Structure type Underground
Opened January 5, 2012
Passengers 17,922 daily (2016)[1]
(Ranked 79th of 109)

The Taipei Metro Taipei Bridge Station is a station on the Xinzhuang Line located in Sanchong District, New Taipei, Taiwan, two blocks from the approach to Taipei Bridge for which the station is named.[2] The station opened for service on January 5, 2012.[3]

Station overview[edit]

This six-level, underground station has two, stacked side platforms.[4] It is located beneath Chongxin Rd., Sec. 1 between Wenhua North and South Rd. and Zhongyang North and South Rd. It was originally scheduled to open in March 2012 along with most of the Xinzhuang Line,[5] but opened for service earlier on January 5, 2012.[3]


Excavation depth for this station was 33 m (108 ft). It is 179.2 m (588 ft) in length and 14.775 m (48.47 ft) meters wide.[6] The station has one entrance, one accessibility elevator, and two vent shafts.[4] Two emergency exits are integrated with a joint development building. Public art is featured on the walls of the main entrance.


The station is based on a theme of "Sunset-bathed Iron Bridge" (referring to Taipei Bridge), with images of the Tamsui River, Guanyin Mountain, and a "bazaar culture".[7]

Station layout[edit]

Street Level Exit/Entrance Exit/Entrance
B3 Faliar Floor Elavator, floor to connecting and orange platform
B4 Platform 2   Line 4 toward Nanshijiao (Daqiaotou)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Concourse Lobby, toilets, one-way ticket machine, information desk
B6 Platform 1   Line 4 toward Huilong (Cailiao)
Side platform, doors will open on the left

Note: Platform 1 is the lowest level platform in the system.


  • Single Exit: No. 108, Chongxin Rd. Sec. 1 With accessibility elevator.

Around the station[edit]

  • Taipei Bridge
  • Sanhe Night Market
  • Central Market
  • Sanchong Farmers Association
  • Lin Rong-San (between this station and Cailiao Station)
  • Tiantai Plaza
  • Zhengyi Elementary School
  • Guangxing Elementary School
Preceding station   Taipei Metro   Following station
toward Huilong
Line 4
toward Nanshijiao


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Coordinates: 25°03′46″N 121°29′59″E / 25.0628°N 121.4996°E / 25.0628; 121.4996