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Coordinates: 25°4′22.56″N 121°31′25.72″E / 25.0729333°N 121.5238111°E / 25.0729333; 121.5238111

Taipei Broadcasting Station building

Taipei Broadcasting Station or Radio Taipei (Chinese: 臺北廣播電臺; pinyin: táiběiguǎngbōdiàntái) is a government owned radio station in the Republic of China. It has been in operation since July 7, 1961 under the direction of the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government. It is located in Taipei City, Taiwan directly across from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Listening Frequency[edit]

The station's coverage includes Taipei, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Keelung, Yilan, and other places.

  • AM 1134
  • FM 93.1


In 1961, the station's original purpose was City Civil Defense Radio(民防廣播電台) broadcasting under the control of the Taiwan Garrison Command to coordinate air defense against a Communist China attack. Later, in 1972 the station was renamed Taipei City Civil Defense Radio(台北市民防廣播電台) and came under control of the Taipei City Government. In 1977, Taipei City Government renamed the station Taipei City Government Radio(台北市市政廣播電台).[1]

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