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Starting of 2006 ING Taipei International Marathon

The Fubon Taipei International Marathon is a series of road races sponsored by Fubon (formerly sponsored by ING from 2004-08 until Fubon acquired ING's Taiwan division) in Taipei, Taiwan. This marathon competition made great impacts on recruiting local volunteers from financial, academical, and governmental people, importing "ChampionChip" timer system for elite marathon runners, and setting up "Kids Running Group" and "Polices & Firefighters Group" from 2005.

Due to the bad traffic issues in Taiwan, many academic, foreigners, and media criticized this issue at 2004.[citation needed] ING Antai even attempted to quit the sponsoring, but finally canceled this idea with a coordination between Chinese Taipei Road Running Association and Taipei City Government, who promised for good traffic quality to participants on December 15, 2006, and the marathon has been sponsored by ING, and later Fubon, since then. After the success in 2006, this competition was finally nominated to "Taiwan Sports Elite Awards".[citation needed]

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Year Men's winner Time (h:m:s) Women's winner Time (h:m:s)
1st 2002  Mluleki Nobanda (RSA) 2:14:38  Anfisa Kosacheva (RUS) 2:36:25
2nd 2003  Wu Wen-chien (ROC) 2:22:41  Hu Xiuying (CHN) 2:41:41
3rd 2004  Wilson Cheruiyot (KEN) 2:14:52  Jennifer Chesinon (KEN) 2:34:14
4th 2005  Luke Kibet (KEN) 2:11:54  Jane Ekimat (KEN) 2:33:39
5th 2006  Luke Kibet (KEN) 2:11:05  Jane Ekimat (KEN) 2:30:56
6th 2007  Hillary Kiplagat (KEN) 2:17:09  Tabitha Tsatsa (ZIM) 2:33:01
7th 2008  Sammy Chumba (KEN) 2:15:37  Caroline Kilel (KEN) 2:30:44
8th 2009  Gebreselassie Tsegay (ETH) 2:15:57  Yeshi Esayias (ETH) 2:30:05
9th 2010  Yusuf Songoka (KEN) 2:14:04  Yeshi Esayias (ETH) 2:30:37
10th 2011[1]  Yemane Tsegay (ETH) 2:10:24  Helena Kirop (KEN) 2:27:36
11th 2012  Josphat Kamzee (KEN) 2:15:27  Caroline Kilel (KEN) 2:30:19
12th 2013  Josphat Too (KEN) 2:19:13  Mercy Too (KEN) 2:38:18
13th 2014  Moses Kurgat (KEN) 2:16:21  Mercy Too (KEN) 2:34:54
14th 2015  William Chebor (KEN) 2:16:15  Nancy Rotich (KEN) 2:36:42
15th 2016  Sammy Kitwara (KEN) 2:09:59  Mercy Kibarus (KEN) 2:36:33


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