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Coordinates: 24°59′42″N 121°20′17″E / 24.9950°N 121.3380°E / 24.9950; 121.3380

Taipei Prison
Taipei Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice 20170417.jpg
LocationGuishan, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Former nameTaihoku Penalty Institute

The Taipei Prison, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice (Chinese: 法務部矯正署臺北監獄; pinyin: Fǎwùbù Jiǎozhèngshǔ Táiběi Jiānyù, Nickname: 北監/北监 Běijiān) is a prison located in Guishan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan,[1] under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.

It can hold up to 2,705 prisoners. It houses criminals who have committed serious crimes and repeat criminals from northern Taiwan who are sentenced to at least ten years in prison. Taipei Prison houses foreign prisoners. Three branch prisons of Taipei Prison, Taipei Detention Center, Shilin Detention Center, and Sindian Detention Center, hold prisoners with sentences of less than five years each.[2]


The historical Taihoku Prison

The prison was originally established in 1895 as the Taihoku Penalty Institute (臺北縣臺北監獄署). It was a remodeled facility built under the Qing Dynasty. It was rebuilt in an area southeast of Taihoku City (modern-day Taipei) in 1902; this is the current Ai Guo East Road. The prison received its current name, Taiwan Taipei Prison, in October 1945, as the Republic of China took control of Taiwan from Imperial Japan. As time passed, the prison became overcrowded as Taiwan was at war. The Ministry of Judicial Administration sold the previous site and bought 19.6422-hectare (48.537-acre) of land in Guishan so a new facility could begin construction at the end of 1958. On October 11, 1961 the groundbreaking occurred and was completed at the end of December 1962.[2] On January 11, 1963, on Judicial Day, the prison opened in Guishan.[3]

Notable prisoners[edit]

Former President Chen Shui-bian was incarcerated for a 19-year sentence at the Taipei Prison as Inmate 1020.[1]

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