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Tais Teng is a pseudonymous Dutch fantasy fiction and science fiction writer, illustrator and sculptor. His real name is Thijs van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen and he was born in 1952 in The Hague.

Tais Teng has written one hundred books both for adults and children. And he has won the Paul Harland Prize four times. His books have been translated in German, Finnish, French and English. Currently he is translating a fantasy novel, The Emerald Boy, which will be published in Canada and the USA by Miyu Magic Stones.


(English works only)

  • Respect of Headwaiters, Perihelion Science Fiction 12-AUG-2014
  • Expiating ancestral sins, (ss) Albedo One # 31 2006
  • Crowned by Lightning, (ss) Albedo One #18 1998
  • A Girl Like Tiadi, (ss) Pandora #21 1988
  • Green-ache, (ss) Amazing Nov 1989
  • What Avails a Psalm in the Cinders of Gehenna?, (ss) SF International #2 1987
  • Palimpsests, (ss) Dragon
  • Disslish the aquamancer, Terra sf

His anthology "Glazen Speren" (Glass Spears) (1997) has yet to be translated into English. They primarily feature his fictional creation of the Dessek.

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