Tais Teng

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Tais Teng
Tais Teng.jpg
Born Thijs van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen
1952 (age 65–66)
The Hague, Netherlands
Occupation Writer, Sculptor, Illustrator
Nationality Dutch
Genre fantasy fiction and science fiction
Notable awards Paul Harland Prize (x4)

Tais Teng (born 1952 in The Hague) is a pseudonymous Dutch fantasy fiction and science fiction writer, illustrator and sculptor. His real name is Thijs van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen.

Tais Teng has written more than a hundred books both for adults and children in the Dutch language and he has won the Paul Harland Prize four times. His books have been translated in German, Finnish, French and English.


(English works only)


  • The Emerald Boy (novel), Miyu Magic stones
  • With Musket and Ducat (novella), XIII Stories of Transformation
  • Embrace the Night (novella). nightland.website
  • Lovecraft, my love (collection)
  • Embrace the night and other stories (collection)

Short stories[edit]

  • "Doch das Messer sieht man nicht," Switchblade #4
  • "The cowboy who loved lady Liberty," Albedo One #47
  • "America first," More Alernative truths
  • "Dancing for Azathoth (With Jaap Boekestein)," The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
  • "For the greater good of all," Singular Irrigularity
  • "Growing up with your dead sister," Pulp Literature #8
  • "Tokyo Nights," Tokyo Yakuza: Issues #1 - #24
  • "Any house in the storm," Crossed Genres
  • "An Overview of the Infernal Regions," Hell II: Citizens
  • "Al-Adrian and the magic lamp," Faery wicked tales
  • "The art of losing wars gracefully," The end is the beginning
  • "The further adventures of Jesus: The First seal: Conquest"
  • "And the sky is filled with eyes," nightland.website
  • "Respect of Headwaiters," Perihelion Science Fiction (12-AUG-2014)
  • "Expiating ancestral sins," Albedo One #31 (2006)
  • "Crowned by Lightning," Albedo One #18 (1998)
  • "A Girl Like Tiadi," Pandora #21 (1988)
  • "Green-ache," Amazing (Nov. 1989)
  • "Worthy enemy," Hardboiled #10
  • "What Avails a Psalm in the Cinders of Gehenna?," SF International #2 (1987)
  • "Palimpsests," Dragon
  • "Disslish the Aquamancer," Terra sf

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