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Preserved Taisha Station building

The Taisha Line (大社線, Taisha-sen) was a railway line of West Japan Railway Company (JR West) within Izumo, Shimane, Japan. The line closed on April 1, 1990.


The line was opened by the Japanese Government Railways in 1912. Freight services ceased in 1974, and the line was closed in 1990.

The former Taisha Station has been preserved and now serves as a museum. It was certified as an Important Cultural Asset in 2004. It is the only remaining station of the former JR Taisha Line, the other two having been demolished and built over since the closure of the line.


Name Distance
Connections Location
Izumoshi 出雲市 0.0 Sanin Main Line Izumo, Shimane
Izumo-Takamatsu 出雲高松 3.5  
Arakaya 荒茅 5.0  
Taisha 大社 7.5  

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