Taitei no Ken

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Taitei no Ken
Taitei no Ken film.jpg
Directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Written by Baku Yumemakura
Starring Hiroshi Abe
Kenichi Endou
Masakatsu Funaki
Kyōko Hasegawa
Hirotaro Honda
Kankurō Kudō
Naomasa Musaka
Koji Ookura
Takashi Taniguchi
Release date
  • 2007 (2007)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Taitei no Ken (大帝の剣?, "The Emperor's Sword") (aka: The Sword of Alexander) is a series of novels by Baku Yumemakura. They blend samurai action with sci-fi elements. The first novel was adapted into a 2007 movie directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi.



Orichalcum is a rare and powerful material from a meteorite that was forged into three priceless artifacts. Those that can unite the three items are said to attain great power within the universe. Two conflicting alien forces fight and crash land in ancient Japan to get Orichalcum. Yorozu Genkurou, a samurai who managed to acquire the sword called "Taitei no Ken (The Sword of Alexander)" soon realizes its true potential as he battles ninjas and aliens that covet his life and sword.